About Me

  1. Started a Digital Filmmaking course at SAE Institute London

    October 2013

  2. First lesson on Steadicam at SAE

    January 2014

  3. Steadicam training begins!

    Febuary 2014

  4. First Steadicam shoot

    August 2014

  5. Flyer LE Rig purchased

    August 2015

  6. Completed a BA in Digital Filmmaking at SAE Institute London

    September 2015

  7. Completed Tiffen Steadicam Gold workshop

    November 2015

  8. Eclipse 500ft Wireless Transmitter purchased

    December 2015

  9. Preston FIZ purchased

    January 2016

  10. Archer 1 Rig Purchased

    October 2016

My Showreel

Checkout my current Showreel Below. For more of my work click here.


Archer 1 Rig with G50X Arm capable of carrying up to 50lbs.

Preston FIZ that can be used from 1 to all 3 channels.

Eclipse 500ft wireless video transmitter (HDMI - SDI) with 2 recievers.


Contact Me

I am London based. Feel free to email me for any enquiries into hiring of services.